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IMG Blog (3/4) - Finding Your Job in the NHS

Posted on 27 November 2019

If you missed the first two blogs of this series, you can see the first 'How Do I Get Started?' here and the second 'IMG Blog (2/4) - Creating Your GMC Account' here.

Finding your job in the NHS – Once you have attained your GMC registration, it is time to find your job!

This is where our experienced Permanent Team comes in, they have many years’ experience in placing international doctors in permanent positions and can do the same for you. If you get in touch by ringing 0208 099 6947 or emailing, your International Recruitment Consultant can guide you through the job application process. If you’re no longer in the UK at the time of applying, there is no need to worry, we work with you and the Trust to figure out the best method of interview, whether that be via Skype, Zoom, BOTIM, as well as F2F if you are in the UK. We liaise with you and the Trust to set up an interview at a convenient time for everyone. If you let your recruiter know the role that you are looking for and in what kind of location, the team can find you your perfect job in the UK.

Tier 2 Work Visa application – Once we have found you your perfect job and you have accepted an offer of employment, the hospital where you will be placed can then apply for a COS for you. We speak to the Trust to ensure they apply for your COS in a timely manner and we put you in touch with a visa specialist who will help your visa application run smoothly.

When they get this, they will send it over to you, and from here you can apply for your Tier 2 (work) visa. For more information on the Tier 2 visa, please contact us or visit this page.

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