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Fiona Webb

Recruitment consultant - locum anaesthetists
Year Joined:

Fiona has an extensive background in recruiting for the social care sector - providing temporary and permanent social workers to the government and private sector. She joined Holt Doctors in 2011 recruiting doctors in acute medicine, building relationships with doctors and clients in the south. Following maternity leave, she returned to build an anaesthetics desk within the company to provide more focused support for doctors in this specialty. When Holt Doctors acquired Anaesthetist Agency, she joined the Anaesthetist Agency team.

Best thing about working in recruitment:
“Speaking with lots of different people! Specialising in Anaesthetics has allowed me to grow as a recruiter - learning more about this field and enabling me to have a better understanding of the doctors and clients I work with and what they do.”

Top tip for locums:
“Be honest with your recruiter and you will be able to build a clear understanding and work well together.”

Away from the office:
“Camping, walking, running and riding bikes. Spending time with my husband and two lovely girls.”
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