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Revalidation is the process of licensed doctors demonstrating that they are up-to-date and fit to practice. The aim of Revalidation is to increase patient confidence, improve the overall quality of patient care and to support your continuing professional development.

It is now a requirement of all doctors to have their licence with the GMC revalidated every five years based on comprehensive appraisals undertaken over that period.

How does revalidation work?

To start with you will need to identify your ‘designated body’ who will help you with the revalidation process. This will typically be whichever organisation you are most connected with e.g your locum agency, GP practice or hospital.

For more information on identifying your designated body, click here.

Once you have identified your designated body, a ‘Responsible officer’ will arrange appraisals for you. These appraisals are based on the core guidance set out in the Good Medical Practice (GMP) which focus on four main areas:
  • Knowledge, skills and performance
  • Safety and quality
  • Communication, partnership and trust
  • Maintaining trust
The appraisal process was essentially put in place to help you monitor your own performance, give you evidence that you are up-to-date and fit to practice, and identify and areas for practice development.

This will lead to your responsible officer making a recommendation to the GCM that your license should be revalidated. After this the GMC will carry out their own series of checks, resulting in your licence being revalidated and you being able to continue practice.

Your first revalidation will take place sometime between April 2013 and March 2016. All licensed doctors were notified of their first revalidation date in January 2013.

For more information on revalidation, please email us at

Useful links

The revalidation support team at NHS England provide a useful briefing document providing advice for locum doctors with revalidation - click here.
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