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CPD Loyalty Scheme

Locum through Anaesthetists Agency on a regular basis and receive extra benefits through our CPD Loyalty Scheme!
Our CPD Loyalty Scheme is all about rewarding you for making Anaesthetists Agency your locum agency of choice, whilst providing you with ongoing CPD and training support. 

When you work your first locum shift for Anaesthetists Agency you will automatically be enrolled on our CPD Loyalty scheme. You'll earn one loyalty point for every hour you work in a 12 month period, and you can exchange your points for cash rewards to go towards training, appraisal or CPD costs! 

You could earn up to an extra £625!

The more you work as a locum through Anaesthetists Agency, the more you earn! Points can be exchanged for cash once you reach certain thresholds:
  • 500 points/hours - £125
  • 1000 points/hours - £250
  • 1500 points/hours - £400
  • 2000+ points/hours - £625
What can I use my points for?
Below are just some of the things you could claim your loyalty reward for:
  • Have you annual appraisal organised and paid for 
  • CPD activities and training courses (Royal college membership, ALS, BLS, conferences, seminars, workshops, e-learning courses) 
  • GMC membership renewal
  • Professional indemnity insurance
If you'd like to claim for something not on the list, check with your recruitment consultant or email us here
How do I redeem points?

You can use your points once you reach the first threshold (500 points/hours). All you need to do is provide us with a valid receipt showing proof of payment for the activity you are claiming for and the equivalent cash amount will be reimbursed to you within 14 days.*
If you have a spendable amount (earned over 500 points) after 12 months on the scheme, this amount will be banked for you to spend over the next 6 months. If you use any points throughout the 12 month period, these are deducted from your final total.
This is a rolling scheme, so after the 12 months is over your scheme will automatically start again from the date you next work through Anaesthetists Agency.
*You have to claim your whole points total in one transaction (you can not split payments). If you are claiming for more than one activity at once you must send your receipts in together.

To find out how many points you have or for the full terms and conditions of the scheme, contact your recruitment consultant on 0208 099 6943 or email for more information.
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