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Wuhan Novel Coronavirus

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus information
With the evolving situation in China, advice has been released on the approach for assessing a patient for Coronavirus.
Please read the below advice for NHS organisations
For the latest information from the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England, please visit this page that has any updates posted at 2pm each day.
  • Obtain accurate travel records from all patients with acute respiratory infections.
  • Primary care practices should immediately isolate any possible cases identified and seek specialist advice from a microbiologist, virologist, or infectious disease physician at your local trust. Further guidance for primary care can be found here.
  • All acute trusts are expected to assess possible cases of Wuhan novel coronavirus using appropriate isolation facilities. They should review the Public Health England (PHE) guidance and ensure that they have considered how to operationalise this.
  • Acute trusts should be prepared to undertake sampling and transport samples to PHE for testing.
  • Here is a pathway that outlines the initial assessment questions to identify a patient who may require isolation and testing.

PHE in collaboration with the NHS has also published the following guidance:

Page published 12/02/20

DISCLAIMER: This communication has been prepared by Anaesthetic Agency for general information only. It is not intended to constitute professional or legal advice and you should not rely on its contents. Please seek independent professional advice.
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