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There are numerous visa types available through the UK Border Agency (UKBA)

The Tier 2 Visa is the one most likely to be relevant for doctors wishing to work in the United Kingdom.

For more information:

For full information regarding the different types of visa please see the main UKBA site:

Tier 2 visas can be extended to spouse and family members and this will be discussed with you if appropriate. We use the services of an approved immigration advisory company and they will be able to assist you with the collation and processing of your visa documentation. There is no charge for this service; you will just be required to pay the actual Visa charge. This varies by country. If your requirement for Visas is over and above the ‘norm’, then there may be an additional charge to assist you with the processing. The company providing this service reserves the right to refuse to process an application if it feels it is ‘excessive’.
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