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When working within the NHS, it is important that anaesthetists maintain a high level of knowledge and understanding through undertaking regular training courses.

Required training

As a supplier listed on all the National Supplier Frameworks (CCS, HTE and CPP), Anaesthetists working through Anaesthetics Agency require a number of different mandatory training modules. These are outlined in the Core Skills Framework provided by Skills for Health.

Already received this training?

If you have received training in any of these areas already and have certificates to demonstrate that this took place in the allotted refresher period (please visit the Core Skills Framework Provider Information page to view these), then please send the original certificates to us so we can verify them. You can provide the documents at your 'face to face' interview with one of our representatives.

To ensure you maintain your compliance with no gaps, Anaesthetics Agency will alert you when a training certificate expiry date is imminent.

For those areas where you do need to complete training, we have included sections below on a number of ways you can take these courses:
If you have any queries regarding your training, please ask your recruiter and we will be happy to help where posssible.
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