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To make the registration process as simple as possible, we’ll arrange for one of our team to come and meet you face-to-face to check all the required documents. This also serves as an opportunity for us to assess, select and place you for work appropriately according to your qualifications, competencies, clinical experience, training and skills.
You will have a dedicated recruiter to help you through this process and ensure that all standards are kept to.

Quick and simple registration process
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What documents do I need to provide?
Anaesthetists Agency is signed up to all the National Supplier Frameworks (NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, Crown Commercial Service, and HealthTrust Europe).

These Framework agreements all stipulate the level of qualification and experience required, and what personal and health checks must be made for each locum applicant. They are designed to safeguard the quality of service and works to reduce any risk to patients and staff.

In order for you to be compliant to a framework standard, we will need to see:
A number of different pieces of documentation for your registration process. Please click to see the NHS Identity Checks Standard for examples of what you need to provide, and how you can obtain these documents.
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