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History of Anaesthetists Agency

20 years of Anaesthetists AgencyAnaesthetists Agency is a doctor-led service dedicated to providing quality locum anaesthetic work throughout the UK

We have been in operation for over 20 years and we are proud to boast that many members of our staff have been on board for 10+ years!

History of Anaesthetists Agency

The agency was established in 1987 by two anaesthetists who identified a need for the supply of doctors to cover vacant slots and training leave with the main aim being ‘Safe Anaesthesia’. Anaesthetists Agency was and still is the only recruitment agency totally dedicated to anaesthesia.

The agency rapidly grew over the next 10 years with a significant increase of recruitment staff as well as the introduction of administration, compliance and payroll teams to meet growing demand.

The doctor database rose in that period to over 8,000 anaesthetists, employing all grades from SHO to consultants. Short term, weekly and long term vacancies were filled on a regular basis with an almost 100% fill rate and locums were filled on a countrywide basis including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands in addition to many Military Bases in Germany and the Mediterranean.
Part of Holt DoctorsHolt Doctors - Experts in locum recruitment

When the founders decided to retire in March 2014, the agency was acquired by Holt Doctors Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of locum and permanent doctors across all grades and specialties in the UK.
The agency continues to provide focused and specialised support to hospitals and doctors in anaesthesia from its offices based in the beautiful coastal town of Lymington.

Anaesthetists Agency is listed on the London Procurement Partnership supplier framework but also actively supports Holt Doctors’ priority locum contracts across the country by providing specialist focus with the recruitment of anaesthetists to NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers.
Holt Doctors Ltd

Part of Holt Doctors Ltd - listed on all the national supplier frameworks, a leading
provider of locum and permanant doctors to NHS Trusts and the private sector.