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Classroom Based Courses

Here is a variety of classroom based courses you can attend and how to book them:

Basic life support (BLS) – 1.5 hrs
Courses are offered on a weekday/ Saturday.
  • Weekday courses: 9.30 am and 12 noon start - £30 total
  • Saturday course: 9.30 am and 11.30am start - £38.40 total
Paediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) – 2.5 hrs
Courses are offered on a Saturday afternoon only
  • Start time 1.30 pm - £36 total
Please note these courses only take place in London.

Course content/details

This course follows criteria that has been laid down by the UK resuscitation council. The learning outcomes and goals are as follows:
  • Participants will achieve an increased/renewed awareness of BLS/PBLS
  • Participants will be made aware of their role and the role of others in relation to BLS/PBLS
  • Due to increased/renewed awareness of BLS/PBLS participants can make a competent and confident contributions where it is required.
If you would like any information on Advanced Life Support courses for both adult and paediatric courses in the UK please contacts us on 01590 675111 or visit 

Manual Handling Practical Course

Courses are offered on a weekday/ Saturday
  • Weekday courses: £36 total
  • Saturday course: £48 total
Please note this course is only offered in London

Combined Manual Handling and BLS Courses

It is possible to do a combined Manual Handling and BLS course – offered on a weekday/ Saturday
  • Weekday courses: £50.40 total
  • Saturday courses: £56.40
Please note that within 6 months of completing a classroom based course, an online course can be completed free of charge.

How to book Classroom based courses through Osmosis training:

First you should get in touch with your recruitment consultant who will advise you to when the courses are available. Please note that these courses can get booked up very quickly so you should have a choice of dates in mind when you contact us.

Once you have selected a date, you can pay through their website: Pay here and follow the on screen instructions.

Once we have received confirmation of your payment from Osmosis we will be able to book your chosen date and we will send you a confirmation email with details of the course content and directions.

After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate issued by email.

Pay here
Alternatively, you can use Train Healthcare, a company who offer more locations for classroom based Basic & Paediatric Life Support and Manual Handling.

Costs are £40 for BLS/PBLS and Manual Handling which inclued weekend classes.

Locations are:

Brentford, Essex
Kings Cross, London
St Pancras, London

If you are interested in using Train Healthcare please get in touch with our compliance team on who will register you on the Train Healthcare portal.

You will then receive an email directly from Train Healthcare with a link directing you to pay for your course and book a space.

If you have any more questions about classroom based training then please get in touch on 01590 675 111
 or email
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